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I work in Standard Charted bank (SCB) and currently validate models for stressed projected MEVs. My career has been greatly influenced by Prashan’s teaching since I met him. His core concepts and cause-effect analysis has helped me enormously in driving modeling decisions, recommend the suitable choice of variables and deal in various debates. In a very short span of 6 months I was able to showcase these concepts across projects and built a model validation hub in SCB.  I am very grateful to Prashan and his teaching, which has helped me, significantly, in comprehending trends and understand policy changes across countries, and thus recommend decisions that should influence our banking business in future.

​"You have helped me through my learning and pass by a LOT - something I never thought I was capable of" - Student, Semester 1, 2016

We build these graphs in lectures step-by-step by beginning with a BLANK page and getting students involved while creating these - live during the lecture.

My research into the learning & teaching of economics -- a 3-minute video...

Videos, Worksheets, Notes and More, to Study Economics Anywhere!
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Hi Prashan,


Hope this finds you well.


I was one of your ECON111 students last year.


Just want to say that it was the best learning experience for me. I really enjoyed the lectures and got a lot of resources to learn. You were able to change my point of view for Economics. For the first time ever, I got so interested in Economics.


I was a unit rep for the unit as well and I got a HD :)


I wish I could attend the lectures again or more of economics. But unfortunately, I'm enrolled in arts major. I hope the new students are making the most out of the unit as I find it more practical to real life and not just theoretical.


Thank you for being my best lecturer so far.

[Unsolicited email in 2017 from a student in 2016]

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