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Students tagging and tweeting examples of economics on Twitter - click the button below to see examples of economics that students have found in their everyday lives...

What stood out the most for me was how engaged Prashan's class was! The Twitter feed he runs to help students apply theory to everyday life, is extremely popular and it is not uncommon for students to voice their appreciation for his unit on this platform. 

In all my interactions with Prashan's class, it is quite obvious that his students find ECON111 classes not just very practical but also very engaging. Having worked on him on his iLearn unit it’s also very easy to see that Prashan puts in a lot of hard work (and heart!) into it. Students must notice that too - no doubt, he received the loudest applause at the faculty orientation day as the first year convenors were being introduced! - Ms Shaheen Hajira, Online Delivery Co-ordinator, Faculty of Business and Economics

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