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Teaching Methods

He was a great teacher who used fun and inventive ways to keep his students attentive and entertained as he taught us.

Prashan presented ECON111 content in a very fun, engaging and easy to understand way by drawing colourful diagrams and relating them to Disney concepts too for added humour. His undeniable enthusiasm for the subject was present from day 1 until the very last minute of the last lecture. He is the best lecturer ever and I wish he could teach all my subjects!

He taught things with humor so we didn't forget I didn't even try to aim high but still got a pretty good grade.

Prashan was extremely engaging in his lectures. He made the lectures FUN to attend. He did not read off the lecture slides, rather he taught the content in an engaging way.

Prashan is the best lecturer I have ever had, not only are his lectures engaging, funny and entertaining, he also explains economic theories to the tiniest details and makes students understand WHY things are happening. Because of him I learned to understand and apply my knowledge to the subject, rather than just memorising how to answer questions. If it wasn't for him my marks would have been significantly lower and my understanding of economic principles would be next to nothing.

He always started the lectures breaks with Disney songs and approached the topics in a way that related to everyday life, which allowed me to understand and retain knowledge on the subject principles. He also communicated quite effectively and efficiently ensuring that he could reach the majority of students attending to understand the content in depth.

He is the best lecturer I have ever met. He has a great sense of humor. In every lecture, he always made us laugh and enjoyable. For example, he always played a theme song of an animation at the beginning of the lecture and used it as a guideline to help us remember the lesson more. He used highlighter and any color pens to describe his lessons and they are extremely attractive and easier to remember. Also, he was so energetic and passionate in what he was doing. That’s the reason why I never forget him and I wish to study his unit again even though I am getting to the end of my course.

Used engaging and innovative teaching techniques for example using Disney movie clips to understand concepts of microeconomics.

Presented course material in a particularly engaging way by communicating concepts in a simple and memorable way that allowed students to retain information in the long term.

Shared their enthusiasm for teaching their subject by mentioning that he was completing a PhD in teaching techniques for microeconomics.

Very engaging and motivating. Presented course material well and simplified well. Really enjoyed the subject because of him.

His teaching method is so creative, even though a student who didn’t know the business concept like me, especially when studying in another language still can easily to understand.

Incorporates comedy and Pixar into the content hence making it easier to understand :)

Prashan always use lots of active example, it helps us to understand the lesson very well.

Prashan used engaging teaching techniques such as playing animation and involve them into the economic concepts.

The passion and enthusiasm made lectures very engaging and the material easier to learn.

Prashan effectively identified the struggles that students face when trying to remain engaged with content delivered in lectures. He thus integrated teaching techniques which were relevant to a youthful cohort such as utilising personal/ contemporary examples when discussing complex economic concepts. He further reinforced concepts through practical concepts and through Disney. I was fortunate enough to experience Prashan's teaching in my first semester on my tertiary education and it has set me up to improve my revision skills using his techniques.

Created not just learning but an experience through education.

Prashan was able to effectively engage with an audience making the content interesting and easy to understand. He was able to cater to people with different methods of learning in a fun manner. Prashan was also enthusiastic in the course and in economics in general which also helped me learn in the course.

Used engaging and innovative teaching techniques, presented course material in a particularly engaging way, shared their enthusiasm for teaching their subject.

I was not enrolled in the lectures of Prashan, however the online recordings were the only thing that scrapped me a credit in this unit. Without the countless Disney references, there was no capability of me understanding this subject, let alone pass.

His use of Disney films in his lectures to relate to economic principles really helped me understand what was actually going on and the way he actually included students in activities in the lecture to further visualise the economic principles. Another thing that helped me throughout the unit is the fact Prashan actually drew out the graphs and showed us how to draw/use them rather than using the prepared ones from the slides. His enthusiasm in lectures really helped me take initiative and want to come back to his lectures. Overall Prashan was an amazing lecturer whom I wish I could have for every unit! Everybody say WOW! Always got me engaged!

He makes the course interesting. Well prepared and good at explaining. Also, provided a clear presentation with media and videos to help students understand the economic principle and concept.

He made class fun and kept us engaged for a dry subject like ECON. His lectures were one of the few lectures I've made a point to attend consistently.

Great use of Disney movies. Lectures were always very interesting and informative.

Every lecture was opened with a relevant Disney song. You would think they’re irrelevant and by the end of the lecture you would understand. For example, love is an open door from frozen to talk about barriers to entry. Genius really. It was the one class I was excited for to go to. Even watching them on echo was entertaining. Plus, all older students I know remember Prashan from ECON111.

Before Macquarie I was a Student in American University of Armenia and I studied Economics, however, I did not like that unit and having that again in MQ made me nervous. Nevertheless, to be honest, now I do love Economics and all that because of Mr Prashan who was my lecturer for ECON111. The way he was caring about his students I did not see in other person and also using Disney movies for both engaging students and also help students relax was the key point I think of the success. Thanks to him for the journey that I had in 2016.


His drive for teaching was very inspirational which motivated me to do better.

Prashan was very encouraging when I went to see him during consultation hours or after the lecture to ask questions. He made everything clear to me and always ensured me that I was on the right track.

He made it look easy and brought us into doing the course work.

Prashan was really approachable when you did not understand things.

He gave great study tips and advice that made me feel more confident with my approach to studying. I also felt it was more enjoyable to study for the subject because I had a better knowledge of what I was doing, and his memorable lectures would always help me remember concepts when answering questions.

His enthusiasm for the subject itself and what was being taught is the main reason why I too showed the same enthusiasm and approach to the subject

I believe everyone got good mark when taking ECON111 with Prashan because he talked us every lecture about our assessments and future jobs even when we were just first year students. The way he said was funny but also reminds us about the future career.

Provided encouragement by responding to emails promptly when I was having difficulties in learning concepts. Also during lectures by informing students to not worry, to extend ourselves and guidance for planning and undertaking research.

Very motivating and caring. Gave good feedback and was very on time with his responses.

We have to bring a ruler and draw the charts at the same time with him. It helps us to understand the lessons clearly.

Got us to do live demonstrations of economic ideas (myself included) which allowed us to see the concept in action. Prashan was also open to questions before and after the lecture and during consultations.

Provided support and encouragement when you were facing difficulties

• Motivated you to extend yourself

• Provided guidance in planning & undertaking research

The support. The ability to find the best communication between the lecturer and the students was incredibly motivation from Prashan. The way he utilised different forms of interpretation of economics, even through the most bizarre references to 21st century pop culture and comical media was extraordinary and made the unit much more approachable and comfortable to tackle.


As mentioned before, I was failing student that faced academic exclusion. Prashan's commitment to his teaching acted as a catalyst to academically succeed in my first semester back in 2017. His dedication to teaching brought about sparks within me to apply myself as a student. This grew into wanting to become a thought leader like him. I became the vice president of Toastmaster International- Macquarie university to inspire other to be able to project their ideas. Leaders like Prashan lay the groundwork for a better future and he should be rewarded for that.

Prashan helped me see beyond my narrow view that learning is about results. Actually the power of knowledge itself reaps far greater awards than any mark will do. I found myself less stressed as a result because I enjoyed what I was being taught and that is attributable to Prashan's teaching.

Prashan establishes the foundation for a solid teacher/student relationship from week 1 and makes learning enjoyable for all. The offset effects of this include better student participation and higher grades as a result. It comes as no surprise that his lectures are always at full capacity and the crowds he draws tune in to watch a man who is a master of his craft. The joyful atmosphere Prashan establishes only makes learning easier for all and encourages students to ask questions (this is of particular importance as ECON 111 is traditionally a first year unit and students would, in most cases, be fresh out of high school).

Prashan is very easy to get along with. I had required his assistance for a face to face meeting at his office. However, he instead took me to the previous campus building and bought me lunch. This way he made the consultation engaging and I learned more about the economic content. By interacting with students on a personal level, he provides students opportunity to question and interact with learning content.


He helped me focus on a unit that wasn’t that interesting for me at first and because of this I was able to pass this unit.

Prashan encouraged alternative viewpoints not only on ECON111 content but on any material given by uni and how to apply concepts to further thinking or other aspects of life. He encouraged everyone to do your best and that you can do anything you put your mind to.

He was extremely positive and made me push myself in regards to studying things I was not confident in. A skill and attitude I can take with me.

Prashan has taught me that you can be serious and informative whilst also having a sense of humour and embracing entertaining people whilst informing them. He showed us all how to take class less seriously, but rather enjoy it, relax and do our best.

Approach and apply knowledge and work in a way that revolves around fun and be excited with what it is you are doing.

ECON111 was my first HD in my first semester. Thanks to his encouragement, I love the subject so much. Listening to the lectures was extremely exciting and relaxing. All the colorful illustrations he made are even better to understand than the textbook. He strengthened our creativity, drawing skills and critical thinking.

Taught skills that take on a more creative perspective to learning or thinking about things that allowed me to extend examples of applying microeconomic concepts.

Economic is in daily life. I can calculate the opportunity cost of anything when I go to Woolies.

Using diagrams to understand the concepts, especially for Economics. He said that you can visualise the concept and it was more effective.

Provided you with skills that you will use in your career

• Encouraged you to take on a new perspective, or think about things in a new way

• Helped you to understand the applicability of what you are learning to new contexts

The new perspective of economics, being through media references was much more refreshing to learn about the complexity of influence and adjustments to demand and supply. Most definitely it was much easier to approach economics and has emphasised on the understanding of their foundation, applying further to my understanding of the Australian economy in the future.


Prashan has set me up as an auto-didactic and taught me how important and relevant economics is in our daily lives. He has changed the way I learn for the better and allowed me to venture out and help other students. Prashan's exuberant attitude has taught me to become a thought leader and mentor other students. I am also now the unit representative for ECON203.

Follow your passion and not money. I am a first-year university student I have no idea where I want to go or what I want to do. The reason why Prashan is on top of his game is because he picked what he enjoyed doing so naturally he excels in his surrounding and it is infectious. I don't want to chase a financial gain, I will follow my heart and have faith it will lead me to my calling.

Prashan has taught me to be bold, be brave and challenge the way we think about life and learning. He has motivated me to see the bigger picture and look beyond the supply and demand curve. The 'Why' is more important than the 'What' and Prashan emphasizes this in his teaching. Prashan taught me that there is an explanation for everything religion can't explain, if you dig deep enough.

He taught me to take risks when you learn. The best advice he told me was to never limit your options when you learn. He told me that the best way to learn content is to apply it in different forms. Communicate material through images, notes and teaching peers how you interpret the lecture slides. Different forms of learning are possible. That's what Prashan told me and it is effective.


He’s such a great lecturer and hopefully I can have him as a lecturer for another unit in the future.

Prashan is beyond amazing! He is the best!

I considered switching my major to Economics purely because I wanted to attend more of Prashan's lectures. He is an asset to the university and should be recognised for the value he brings to the Economics Faculty.

By far the best lecturer I have ever had throughout my University experience.

This lecturer goes above and beyond in teaching students how to apply the concepts in the unit. This makes the information relatable to everyday life as well allows me to take on a more creative way of learning concepts for the future.

Prashan is an amazing teacher, the best lecturer that I have ever met in my life. I’m so grateful that I found and watch his lecture online at my first semester, otherwise I would fail that subject.

I have little more to say besides there is a reason why this man is so popular. His lectures are a gift that need to be seen to be believed.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prashan for the tireless work he has put into his teaching. He is truly and inspirational lecturer at the university and reminds me of what universities were once famous for, being havens for a higher order of thinking.

Prashan is honestly my favourite lecturer to connect with. He is easy going and always have time for your queries. We have fun but he always tries to teach me a couple of lessons in the real world. That's what makes him unique, but more importantly relevant. Students want lecturers to apply the content to a personal level. Prashan does this in every lecture. He understands that presenting lectures should not be boring. He makes it interesting for curious students like myself.

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